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c# – What is the overhead of creating a new HttpClient per call in a WebAPI client?

The Question : 166 people think this question is useful What should be the HttpClient lifetime of a WebAPI client? Is it better to have one instance of the HttpClient for multiple calls? What’s the overhead of creating and disposing a HttpClient per request, like in example below (taken from http://www.asp.net/web-api/overview/web-api-clients/calling-a-web-api-from-a-net-client): The Question Comments :

Calling private WebService

问题内容: Web Service question .. I am asked to recover a data stream from a constant frequency Ws (~ 30 minutes). So far no problem. This stream is from a private domain (between two entities in my box) and therefore requires firewall opening between the sender and the reception server (at home) ect ect so