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CSS text-overflow: ellipsis; not working?

The Question : 409 people think this question is useful I don’t know why this simple CSS isn’t working… Should cut off around the 4th “Test” The Question Comments : related stackoverflow.com/questions/802175/… related: Applying Ellipsis to Multiline Text FF only – if filter is applied, ellipsis will not be rendered. bug opened in my case,

Limit text length to n lines using CSS

The Question : 575 people think this question is useful Is it possible to limit a text length to “n” lines using CSS (or cut it when overflows vertically). text-overflow: ellipsis; only works for 1 line text. original text: Ultrices natoque mus mattis, aliquam, cras in pellentesque tincidunt elit purus lectus, vel ut aliquet, elementum