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python – Difference between staticmethod and classmethod

The Question : 3764 people think this question is useful What is the difference between a function decorated with @staticmethod and one decorated with @classmethod? The Question Comments : static methods are sometimes better off as module level functions in python for the sake of cleanliness. With a module function it is easier to import

Adding data to arrays Java

问题内容: I had an idea for a way to bypass the hard limit on spaces for a normal array in Java. Would this work? public class Array{ private int group; public void addNums(int nums) { int list = new int[group.length + nums.length]; for (int a = 0; a < group.length; a++) list[a] = group[a]; for

JavaScript ES6 prototype function

问题内容: I would like to make the getArea() function a prototype, and am not sure if this ES6 (?) format is automatically doing this for me, or do I still need to declare a prototype in a separate Object.prototype.method = function() {} construct? class Polygon { constructor(height, width) { this.height = height; this.width = width;