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privacy – How does DuckDuckGo know my native language even though I am using a VPN in a country with a different language?

The Question : 108 people think this question is useful I recently started using a VPN and I’ve felt more comfortable browsing the Internet. My VPN allows me to select another country through which my traffic is routed to make it appear I’m located in that particular country. “What’s my IP” and similar services show

Cordova geolocation plugin issue on ios 11

问题内容: I installed the geolocation plugin in cordova cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-geolocation --variable GEOLOCATION_USAGE_DESCRIPTION="your usage message" I noticed that with android it works well, but with ios no. to solve the problem I inserted this rule into the info.plist. <string>NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription</string> <key>Test geo iphone</key> After entering this rule the app finally asks me permission to detect

react-mapbox-gl _onClickGeolocate() call with setTimeout to request location automatically

问题内容: I am using the following code to add the GeolocateControl to my react-mapbox-gl map in react. I need to automatically call the method _onClickGeolocate method using setTimeout() to request the user location automatically upon loading the page. How would I be able to achieve this ? import { Component } from "react"; import PropTypes