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configuration – ASP.NET web.config: configSource vs. file attributes

The Question : 189 people think this question is useful Within an web.config-file in an ASP.NET-application some sections of config, like appSettings and connectionStrings, supports the attributes file and configSource. What is the difference between using the file-attribute and the configSource-attribute? When should you use which attribute and can you use both? The Question Comments

asp.net – Using different Web.config in development and production environment

The Question : 197 people think this question is useful I need to use different database connection string and SMTP server address in my ASP.NET application depending on it is run in development or production environment. The application reads settings from Web.config file via WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings property. I use Build/Publish command to deploy the application to

Referring to a section in TOML

问题内容: Im YAML I can specify a block and then overwrite it, as follows: common: &common var1: 123 var2: "fdsfdsfds" database: &database name: "def_name" user_name: "default" password: "default" adapter: postgres production: <<: *common database: <<: *database name: "prod_db" login: "prod_user" password: "prod_pass" How can I do this in TOML? Or how can I accomplish the