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html – Embedding Base64 Images

The Question : 566 people think this question is useful Purely out of curiosity, which browsers does Base64 image embedding work in? What I’m referring to is this. I realize it’s not usually a good solution for most things, as it increases the page size quite a bit – I’m just curious. Some examples: HTML:

math – What is JavaScript’s highest integer value that a number can go to without losing precision?

The Question : 991 people think this question is useful Is this defined by the language? Is there a defined maximum? Is it different in different browsers? The Question Comments : You don’t need to depend on JS’s limits with libraries like github.com/MikeMcl/big.js, see e.g. here for its reliability tests what’s the highest integer value

html – What does

The Question : 1491 people think this question is useful What’s the difference if one web page starts with and If page starts with If there is no difference, I suppose I can just ignore the X-UA-Compatible meta header, since I just want it to be rendered in most standard mode in all IE versions.