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everyday chemistry – Why is heroin a more potent drug than morphine, despite having a similar structure?

The Question : 25 people think this question is useful The structures of heroin and morphine are quite similar, with heroin being formed by acetylation of morphine: Why is heroin so much more potent than morphine, when their structures are so similar? What biochemical effects lead to heroin’s prevalence as a recreational drug, and consequently,

organic chemistry – Why is methanol toxic?

The Question : 32 people think this question is useful There are two points of view for the answer of this question: The biological view, the only one that I faced during my research, states that since it can trigger perilous conditions like metabolic acidosis, cause a neurologic sequelae, etc. methanol is toxic. The chemical

biochemistry – Why isn’t aluminium involved in biological processes?

The Question : 49 people think this question is useful There are so many biological processes which are dependent upon ions of lighter metals (upper part of periodic table) such as $\ce{K+}$, $\ce{Na+}$, $\ce{Mg^{2+}}$ and even early transition elements ($\ce{Fe}$, $\ce{Mn}$, $\ce{Cu}$, $\ce{Ni}$), but I haven’t yet come across dependence of biological phenomena on aluminium.