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ios – This certificate has an invalid issuer Apple Push Services

The Question : 469 people think this question is useful I have created certificate to enable Push Services in my app, but every time I try to add certificate in my Keychain, after adding certificate it shows me following error: This certificate has an invalid issuer The Question Comments : developer.apple.com/support/certificates/expiration check this one stackoverflow.com/a/35406327/5512225

Apple Push Certificates

问题内容: My app has 3 provisioning profiles: Ios development Beta Release First one is used for development, second for test flight and third for the app store. Also there are 2 App IDs com.sansasystem.dribble com.sansasystem.dribble-dev Ios development and Beta profiles both use com.sansasystem.dribble-dev. I enabled push notifications capability and generated sandbox APNS certificate. However, pushes

need help of iPhone APNS implementation

问题内容: I am trying to implement APNS. I test UDID and certificate with https://pushtry.com its working fine. App receive notification but not from my server. here is my server code. // Put your private key's passphrase here: $passphrase = 'pass_me@112'; // Put your alert message here: $message = 'New news posted in '.$city; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// $ctx