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Topology: The Board Game

The Question : 105 people think this question is useful Edit: I’ve drawn up some different rules, a map and some cards for playing an actual version of the game. They’re available at my personal website with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. This is a math education question that I’ve been thinking of when

group theory – Does a four-variable analog of the Hall-Witt identity exist?

The Question : 110 people think this question is useful Lately I have been thinking about commutator formulas, sparked by rereading the following paragraph in Isaacs (p.125): An amazing commutator formula is the Hall-Witt identity: $$[x,y^{-1},z]^y[y,z^{-1},x]^z[z,x^{-1},y]^x=1,$$ which holds for any three elements of every group. $\ldots$ One can think of the Hall-Witt formula as a