Month: December 2020

Wildcards in jQuery selectors

The Question : 690 people think this question is useful I’m trying to use a wildcard to get the id of all the elements whose id begin with “jander”. I tried $('#jander*'), $('#jander%') but it doesn’t work.. I know I can use classes of the elements to solve it, but it is also possible using

jquery – Select

The Question : 680 people think this question is useful Is it possible using jQuery to select all <a> links which href ends with “ABC”? For example, if I want to find this link <a href="http://server/page.aspx?id=ABC"> The Question Comments : The Answer 1 1571 people think this answer is useful Selector documentation can be found

jquery – How to get image size (height & width) using JavaScript?

The Question : 649 people think this question is useful Are there any JavaScript or jQuery APIs or methods to get the dimensions of an image on the page? The Question Comments : It’s easy with modern browsers: @KamilKiełczewski was that edit really necessary? @TylerH question is not directly about jquery-plugins, and I fell