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Does Ruby support TLS-PSK?

问题内容: I am currently looking at connecting to stunnel on our local machines that are living on their own local network seperated in their own vlan, and it supports authentication through PSK (Pre-Shared Keys)[0], stunnel mentions it is faster to use TLS-PSKs, and I think it might also be easier than to start working with

how to check the authenticated user is doing the changes

问题内容: authentication.js exports.roleAuth = function(req, res, next) { var token = req.query.authToken; var authPage = req.query.authPage; var page_permission = req.query.permission; if (!token || !authPage || !page_permission || (page_permission != 'read' && page_permission != 'write')) { return res.status(401).send({ status: 401, data: 'Please provide token and authPage and page_permission' }); } else { db.query('select * from users

How to use milliseconds in sequelize standard createdAt field?

问题内容: In a Nodejs application I’m using the Sequelize ORM to write records to a mysql database. Every table has a createdAt field by default, but that only records datetime with seconds: mysql> SELECT createdAt FROM ticks LIMIT 3; +---------------------+ | createdAt | +---------------------+ | 2017-11-08 16:34:21 | | 2017-11-08 16:34:15 | | 2017-11-08 16:34:27

Google Plus Authentication Callback Not working

问题内容: I’ve added Google + sign in but the callback doesn’t seem to be working. Note: The code was adapted from this tutorial: The Scenario I go to the URL: This initiates the Google Login Process through their website Login is successful + Data is inserted into MySQL DB App then gets taken