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How to add new AST tree node for JavacTask when task event kind is ENTER

问题内容: Java8 provides a powerful functionality: Java Plugin. It allowes developer to change the target byte code very fast during compilation Please see: (BTW, In the past, another classic solution is to develop a maven plugin to change the bytecode by some frmeworks such as ‘‘ after bytecode is generated, like, but this

Migrating @ResponseBody to ResponseEntity

问题内容: I have an old controller with a method that returns an object as json and marked with @ResponseBody. The problem is that the status code is always 200, although sometimes it isn’t. The current method signature is: public MyResponse myMethod(){} and I want to change it to: public ResponseEntity<MyResponse> myMethod(){} All of that is

react-mapbox-gl _onClickGeolocate() call with setTimeout to request location automatically

问题内容: I am using the following code to add the GeolocateControl to my react-mapbox-gl map in react. I need to automatically call the method _onClickGeolocate method using setTimeout() to request the user location automatically upon loading the page. How would I be able to achieve this ? import { Component } from "react"; import PropTypes

Lodash get name of id using _.intersection

问题内容: By using Lodash, i want to intersect my data and find city name of each req.user.scope. var citys=[{id:26,name:"CITY_A",buildings:[{id:48,name:"B1"},{id:52,name:"B2"},{id:47,name:"B3"},{id:53,name:"B4"}],menu:[{name:"LINK_A",link:"<link_to_a>"},{name:"LINK_B",link:"<link_to_b>"}]},{id:81,name:"CITY_B",buildings:[{id:106,name:"Salle B1"},{id:107,name:"B2s"},{id:108,name:"B3"},{id:109,name:"B4"},{id:110,name:"B5"}]},{id:80,name:"CITY_C",buildings:[{id:111,name:"B1"},{id:114,name:"B2"},{id:112,name:"B3"},{id:113,name:"B4"},{id:115,name:"B5"}]},{id:79,name:"CITY_D",buildings:[{id:103,name:"B1"},{id:104,name:"B2"},{id:105,name:"B3"}]}]; var req = { user : { scope : [26, 79] }, params : { code : 53 } } i tried the following : console.log(_.intersectionBy({ return {id : id} }), citys, "id")) But not

An Api from Currencylayer

问题内容: Currency layer provided me with a LIVE API where I can get current exchange rates. So I decided to to use this live API for currency conversion (i’m beginner on programming trying to learn and improve) I changed the code to some extent. I have limited knowledge of jQuery . If somebody is willing

Object Constructor with for loop doesnt work

问题内容: var test=new network([2,3,1]); test.reset(); console.log(test.layers); function network(args){ this.layers=; this.numberoflayers=args.length; this.reset= function(){ for(i=0;i<this.numberoflayers;i++){ this.layers.push(new layer(args[i],args[i+1])); this.layers[i].reset(); } } } function layer(num,numlayer){ this.nodes=; this.reset= function(){ for(i=0;i<num;i++){ this.nodes.push(new node(numlayer)); this.nodes[i].reset(); } } } function node(num){ this.weights=; this.reset= function(){ for(i=0;i<num;i++){ this.weights.push(0); } } } This code is my attempt at creating a neural network. The problem is that