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r = {'is_claimed': 'True', 'rating': 3.5}
r = json.dumps(r)

I am not able to access my data in the JSON. What am I doing wrong?

TypeError: string indices must be integers, not str

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json.dumps() converts a dictionary to str object, not a json(dict) object! So you have to load your str into a dict to use it by using json.loads() method

See json.dumps() as a save method and json.loads() as a retrieve method.

This is the code sample which might help you understand it more:

import json

r = {'is_claimed': 'True', 'rating': 3.5}
r = json.dumps(r)
loaded_r = json.loads(r)
loaded_r['rating'] #Output 3.5
type(r) #Output str
type(loaded_r) #Output dict

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json.dumps() returns the JSON string representation of the python dict. See the docs

You can’t do r['rating'] because r is a string, not a dict anymore

Perhaps you meant something like

r = {'is_claimed': 'True', 'rating': 3.5}
json = json.dumps(r) # note i gave it a different name

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No need to convert it in a string by using json.dumps()

r = {'is_claimed': 'True', 'rating': 3.5}

You can get the values directly from the dict object.

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Defining r as a dictionary should do the trick:

>>> r: dict = {'is_claimed': 'True', 'rating': 3.5}
>>> print(r['rating'])
>>> type(r)
<class 'dict'>

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