Compiler error trying to insert a row


I get the following compiler error when I try to build an insert statement: Value of type Table has no member adbc

This is the code I am using:

let ev = Table("events")
do {
    let rowid = try <- tadbc, ev.year <- tyear,
    ev.month <- tmonth, <- tday, ev.ampm <- tampm,
    ev.hour <- thour, ev.min <- tmin, ev.sec <- tsec, <- tcat, ev.eventdesc <- teventdesc))
    // no error was thrown
    return true
} catch {
    // an error was thrown
    return false

The field adbc is in the db schema. Only the very first insert field is flagged. Oddly, if I delete ev.adbc <- tadbc, the new first entry is flagged. Strange. Any suggestions?

I am using Swift 4, Xcode9 and SQLite.swift


Sorry, I am using Swift 4, Xcode9 and SQLite.swift.
– Buz Fifer
37 mins ago
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