How do I enlarge an EER Diagram in MySQL Workbench?

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I am working on a moderately complex schema in MySQL Workbench, and the single page of the EER diagram is now full up. Does anyone know how to enlarge it to two or more pages?

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On the Model pull-down there is an option Diagram Properties and Size, which allows the size of the diagram to be changed.

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ER Diagram -> Model -> Diagram Properties and Size…

Menu access

grid size

Menu access - windows

grid size - windows

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If the “Diagram Properties and Size…” option is grayed out, do the following:

  1. Save your work, as this may crash Workbench;
  2. Go to Model > Model Options;
  3. Choose the “Diagram” tab;
  4. Uncheck “Use defaults from global settings…” at the bottom;
  5. Confirm “Ok”. This may crash Workbench, depending on the version and/or operating system.
  6. Either way, “Model > Diagram Properties and Size…” should now be enabled, even if you had to reopen Workbench.

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by the way, if you want a large number of schemas to display correctly, you need to increase the size of the canvas AND zoom out BEFORE running “Auto Layout”. if you increase the canvas size enough and zoom out enough all the tables will be spaced apart nicely.

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In addition to the already told “diagram propertys” settings – where everything is measured in pages and where you can’t enter float values to make slightly smaller or bigger. But you can change the page size itself: File->Page Setup

enter image description here

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If you are under Linux, and it is hanging when you try to elarge the canvas size, try zoomming out to the smallest view possible before changing the canvas properties.

Worked for me.

Regards, Leo.

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If option “Diagram Properties and Size” is disabled (grayed out) You can try to run MysqlWorkbench with sudo

sudo /usr/bin/mysql-workbench

I am not good at linux, there should be some miss-configuration leading to this. So I’am only saying that this resolved the problem for me.

(system info MySQL Workbench Community (GPL) for Linux/Unix version 6.2.3 revision 12312 build 2280 (64 bit) Configuration Directory: /home/arsen/.mysql/workbench Data Directory: /usr/share/mysql-workbench Cairo Version: 1.13.1 OS: Linux 3.13.0-76-generic CPU: 4x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU @ 2.40GHz (1596.000MHz) – 5,83GiB RAM Distribution: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS )

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