MySQL: determine which database is selected?

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After calling mysql_select_db to grab a database, is there any way to later output the name of the database that is currently selected? This seems very basic but I couldn’t find anything on or stackoverflow (all results are for “no database selected”).

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Just use mysql_query (or mysqli_query, even better, or use PDO, best of all) with:



There is much discussion over whether or not FROM DUAL should be included in this or not. On a technical level, it is a holdover from Oracle and can safely be removed. If you are inclined, you can use the following instead:


That said, it is perhaps important to note, that while FROM DUAL does not actually do anything, it is valid MySQL syntax. From a strict perspective, including braces in a single line conditional in JavaScript also does not do anything, but it is still a valid practice.

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p.s. I didn’t want to take the liberty of modifying @cwallenpoole’s answer to reflect the fact that this is a MySQL question and not an Oracle question and doesn’t need DUAL.

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You can always use STATUS command to get to know Current database & Current User

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In the comments of I found this one from ericpp %

If you just need the current database name, you can use MySQL’s SELECT DATABASE() command:

function mysql_current_db() {
    $r = mysql_query("SELECT DATABASE()") or die(mysql_error());
    return mysql_result($r,0);

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Another way for filtering the database with specific word.

SHOW DATABASES WHERE `Database` LIKE '<yourDatabasePrefixHere>%'
SHOW DATABASES LIKE '<yourDatabasePrefixHere>%';


SHOW DATABASES WHERE `Database` LIKE 'foobar%'

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@mysql_result(mysql_query("SELECT DATABASE();"),0)

If no database selected, or there is no connection it returns NULL otherwise the name of the selected database.

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slightly off-topic (using the CLI instead of PHP), but still worth knowing: You can set the prompt to display the default database by using any of the following

mysql --prompt='\d> '
export MYSQL_PS1='\d> '

or once inside

prompt \d>\_
\R \d>\_

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SELECT DATABASE() worked in PHPMyAdmin.


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