Choosing a websocket library for a Node/Ionic 3 app


I am trying to develop an Ionic app(mobile app)with a Node server(backend). Where the client can write comments, and these must be broadcast to all other clients related to the post and so on.

I have been taking a look to options are out there, so far Websockets is the one which make much sense to my problem. But now, I am kind of confused since there are many libraries, and I have not found the best Ionic/Angular way of doing it ( since is not a browser, is an app).

So far I tried it works fine, but I do not have to support browsers so it might be a bit over head.

Any suggestions? Have you ever faced the same problem?

Thanks for your support!


Hello! Questions asking for recommendations are generally not well suited for StackOverflow’s Q&A format. See here for what topics are allowed and here for what is considered off-topic.


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