Parameters for createDeploymentSlot from the azure-arm-websites API for node?


I’m looking for a way to automate azure app-services slot creation for one of my webapps (preferably in nodejs). I have found the documentation for a library called azure-arm-websites. It looks like it provides me with the correct interface but the documentation is very limited. For instance i found a method called createDeployment which I want to use but parameters for this function are not well Documented. Does any one know how to call this function properly to create a github deployment?

const client = new WebSiteManagementClient(credentials, subscriptionId, baseUri)
const app = new WebApp(client);
const name = '<filtered>';
const id = 'production';
resourceGroupName = '<resource_group_name>'
const slot = '<slot_name>'
const deployment = {
   deploymentId: '',
   active: true,
   status: 0,
   author: '',
   deployer: '',
   authourEmail: '',
   details: '',
   kind: '',
const options = {};
optionsCallback = function(){};
app.createDeploymentSlot(resourceGroupName, name, id, slot, deployment, options, optionalCallback)

I have no Idea how to fill the deployment objects parameters. For instance kind appears to be an enum but it has no further documentation.

Thanks for your help.


i’d just use any of the cli’s available out there


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