RShiny: Input multiple image files and put them into a table


I’m trying to work on a project in shiny to compare images uploaded by user and that saved in my amazon s3 server.

while downloading from s3, I am using this:

save_object(object=xyz ,bucket = "xyz", file = paste0("www/",xyz,".jpg"))

I’m taking input as:

fileInput("image","upload the image")

My dataframe is like this:

a$name<- xyz

a$server_image<- paste0("<img src=",'"',"xyz.jpg",'"'," ","height=",'"',"300",'"',"></img>")

a$uploaded_image<- paste0("<img src=",'"',input$image$datapath,'"'," ","height=",'"',"300",'"',"></img>")

I’m trying to get output like below.

output$output_table<-DT::renderDataTable({DT::datatable(a,escape = FALSE)})

In this case, the image downloaded from aws s3 into “www/” directory is correctly showed in the table, but there is problem with viewing uploaded image.

I also tried to use file.copy on input$image to copy it to a folder “www”, but it also doesn’t work when I deploy the app.

How can I view an image taken using fileInput and View without using renderImage?