Deploy Apple IOS Swift App to iPhone with Free Apple ID


I am using a commercial Mac VM Service over the Internet. Is it possible to deploy a simple HelloWorld app to my iPhone without paying for a 99 dollar developer account? I cannot tether. On the VM I am using xCode and Swift. The commercial provider says to get a free apple developer account and then use iTunes iConnect. I have an Apple ID, however I cannot find a way to make it a free developer account. If the answer is NO and I must buy a 99 dollar account, please end my searching and just let me know. Thanks!


You need to connect your iPhone to the computer running Xcode, so unless you can figure out a way to connect it remotely using some 3rd party software (maybe this?), then you’re probably out of luck. Even if you pay for the account, debugging would be difficult if not impossible.
Testing this approach tonight. Thank-you for the link.
– Richard Blevins
16 hours ago
Unfortunately the USB Gateway is $159.95. Cheaper to get the $99 Apple Dev Account. I do consider your comment as “No”, it is not possible to deploy an app to an iphone without paying for a dev account or having a real Mac. Coder256, I will accept your comment as answer if you would please post as answer. Thanks!
– Richard Blevins
16 hours ago



You would need to connect the phone (through USB or possibly Wi-Fi) to the computer that is running Xcode. Unless you have physical access to that computer, this would be difficult.

However, something that might work is VirtualHere’s USB server/client (free for 1 device, the phone) along with LogMeIn’s Hamachi (free for 5 devices, you would use 1 for the server and 1 for the client). Another solution that I had mentioned was Eltima’s USB Network Gate, although that is $159.95.

One last thing to note is that even if you buy an Apple Developer Account, you still may not be able to install your apps remotely on a device (maybe TestFlight would work), and even if you could install them, it would be difficult or impossible to use live debugging. However, this would not be an issue wither either of the solutions in the previous paragraph.