Azure keyvault .NET SDK – http or not?


I have an ASP.NET Core API locally that communicates with Azure KeyVault with the Microsoft.Azure.KeyVault NuGet, more exactly though the KeyVaultClient class

I want to inspect these KeyVault requests and see them in Fiddler, primarly to delay requests for testing purposes.

I can see other requets, and debug HTTPS requests, so that’s not the issue. I’m unsure if the KeyVault SDK even communicates over HTTP or if it is some other protocol (but haven’t been able to find this out).

Update: Looking at the code on Github of KeyVaultClient, it does communicate over HTTPS.
Update2: Even seems that KeyVaultClient uses the .NET HttpClient which I use manually in code as well for other requests (and those requests are shown in Fiddler).


Im pretty sure it does communicate using https


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