Cortana Custom Skill – Conversation after Invocation?


Basically I just want to know if there is a way to communicate with my Custom Cortana Skill(which is a bot made with Bot Framework and uses LUIS) after invoking it? At the moment I can Invoke my skill using ‘tell bot hi’ or even just ‘tell bot’ which works however, each time i want to communicate with my bot I have to re-invoke the skill(doesn’t allow user to continue to message/speak to skill, in essence – only allows a user to send 1 statement to the skill each time which is pointless for a speech bot. Especially since i have an SMS OTP login authentication, which cannot work if the user can’t even enter the required information. I understand that the ‘utterance’ is required to get a reply from my skill, but is there no way to call my skill in Cortana similar to the way it is accessed using a Bot Emulator or Facebook?