How to build a JsonArray with key using the jansson lib



    "this": [
            "is an": "example"

What I’ve tried so far:

json_t *json = NULL, *json_test_array = NULL, *json_test = NULL;

json = json_object();
json_test_array = json_array();
json_test = json_object();


json_object_set_new(json_test, "is an", json_string("example"));
//how do i put a key on the array if json_array_set() don't have the argument for it   
json_array_append_new(json_test_array, 0, json_test); //no key
json_object_set(json, "this", json_test_array);

How can I achieve this?
Thanks in advance.


An array is a unnamed series of elements. Why do you want to have a key? Or if you need keys, why do you want an array? Please extend your example to show more than 1 entry.


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