How to integrate VSTS to angular 4


We are currently migrating an app that
is written in WPF to web(Angular 4 + Web API 2).
This app is for Agile similar to JIRA.

We would like to integrate VSTS in that we would like users to get/create workitem.
This feature is currently working in our WPF, it uses DLL’s from microsoft(Mirosoft.TeamFoundationServer, etc).
When users get/create workitem the first time, WPF prompts a
Log in dialog which only happens once per user as after logging in it store a token/key on users PC.

Now, in web, we would like to achieve the same in that the user will only have to sign in once.
Using PATs or access token is not an option for us as it has an expiration.
Using users credential or basic authentication is not also an option for us as users credential
to vsts is not stored in our DB.

I have tried adding the DLL that wpf uses to our API but it doesn’t work as it is
returning Unauthorize access error(Geting users credential is not an option).
I have search for angular library for VSTS and I did not found one.


Thx for answering. We can’t use the rest API as it requires access token which is not an option for us as it has expiration and also it is only available for tfs 2017 – we are using tfs 2015.
– GreenRanger
8 hours ago