Get HTML body from mail in outlook 2013 using VBA Macro


I have to create a macro that can modify and forward mails in outlook 2013. I have created a macron that’s changing and forward the mail.

My problem is that the body in the mail I receive is formatted in HTML and when I forward it the body is converted to text. I have to keep the HTML formatted structure in the mail.

Can anyone tell how to keep the HTML formatted body?

Thanks 🙂


Your question shows no attempt of solving the problem. If you have made an attempt, you should edit our question to detail exactly what you did, researched for, and point to any links that were helpful but that did not answer your question. If you’ve tried to code a solution, that should be added in an edit. Your attempts should be turned into a MCVE so it is clear to read and understand. Also read the Stack Overflow question checklist
Please show the relevant snippets of your code. I bet you are working with the plain text Body property; you need to be using HTMLBody.