Reading MIFARE Plus cards in Android


I’m trying to identify MIFARE Plus card on Android. So far, I can identify MIFARE Classic (including the Plus and Pro variants), and I can identify MIFARE Ultralight (including the C variant).

I’ve managed to identify MIFARE Desfire by sending the card the command 90 60 00 00 00 (getVersion) through the IsoDep tag type and sure enough it sends back card frames of information which I stitch together and can identify the DESFire cards.

The problem lies when I run the same command on the MIFARE Plus cards and I get a 0B back. Is there a getVersion equivalent for MIFARE Plus cards, and if not how does the NXP TagInfo App correctly identify the MIFARE Plus cards?

I’m testing this with both MIFARE Plus S2K and MIFARE Plus X2K. Both report the security level is 0 via the NXP TagInfo App.