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Java Play! Framework – build.sbt Mapping Files


I’m new to sbt.
I would like to embbed a JRE in my Java Play! 2.5 project.
I’m using sbt-native-packager to create the msi installer, so I have to map the files in build.sbt.

I need to recursively copy files from /jre to /target/windows/jre.

I found this page, but I cant get it to work 🙁

Also, I tried the folowing:

mappings in Universal <++= (target) map { (target) =>
val dir = target / "windows" / "jre"
(dir.***) pair relativeTo(dir.getParentFile)}

The compilation / WixGeneration is completed without errors, but still no jre directory in the target …

Any help is appreciated !

Thank you !



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