Programming Language · 2017-12-11 0

Automating Google Sheet actions (Make a copy, Google App Script, Triggers) via Drive API


Under the same account, we create client Google Sheets from a template we store within Google Drive.

On a regular basis, we make a take a few actions and make changes to the Sheets. These include:

  • File-Make a Copy

  • Rename Sheet and move to the “Client” folder

  • Make small edits to a few lines in Google App Script within the

  • Setup 3 triggers with permissions to execute on change, edit etc

Takes around 3-4 minutes but we do quite a few per day.

Can these actions be automated via Drive API or perhaps Google Cloud Functions? The project runs alongside AWS Lambda, so that is also an option too as we have used gspread before to work remotely with Sheets. But as far as I am aware making copies, triggers and app script are not available via API or other means.



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